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  • 6 Gauge J-hooks

    DakotaLine rivets are the heaviest rivets on the market.
    From $ 1.95
  • SleepEZ Springhooks

    Durable, zinc plated Sleep EZ springhooks have many uses on the line. Connect traps to drowners, connect snares to extensions, and many more. Use any Sleep EZ springhook with confidence...
    From $ 4.70
  • Replacement Chain

    A.  This 2/0 chain is equal to the chain on a #2 victor. It's high quality and will stand up under stress. B.  #2 Straight Link Import-Good Chain for fox,...
    From $ 0.45
  • Quick Links

    Made of 3/16" steel, jaw opens 1/4" and the working load limit is up to 440 pounds. This connector can typically be used with your gloves on. It is great...
    From $ 7.50
  • Cold Creek Super Swivel

    Heavy duty swivel that will stand up to the nastiest coyotes.
    From $ 5.95
  • Universal Swivel

    This swivel is designed to work as a stake swivel on both 3/8" and 1/2" rebar stakes, as a inline chain swivel, or as a drowner slide. The box part...
    From $ 3.95
  • Cold Creek BG Stands

    The only stand in the business that is plated black. Durable enough to use in muck but light enough that they can be adjusted. 110/120-$14.95 per 6, $24.95 per dozen...
    From $ 3.50
  • Cold Creek Snuggy Mount

    Choose the size that best fits your needs.  Made to snuggly fit any brand Conibear or Body Grip trap. Spring steel and plated black the Snuggy BG Mount gives trappers...
    From $ 11.95
  • Cross Stake Swivel

    The two stakes lock themselves into the ground resisting being pulled out, even when the force is applied straight up. Designed to be used in all soil types, especially soft...
    From $ 6.95
  • Heavy Duty Split Rings

    Split Rings have many uses on the trapline. They can connect snares to disposable stakes; connect trap chains, or used on drowners. The possibilities are endless. They are a fast...
    From $ 4.95
  • 6 gauge Blackdog S-Hooks

    The number 6 gauge S-Hook is a best seller and it can be used for all animals including coyote. This S-Hook has a black finish and is specially designed so...
    From $ 1.95
  • Barker's Skunk Sleeper

    Barkers Skunk SleeperMade for euthanizing skunks the Sleeper mount is a finely machined aluminum syringe holder made specifically for the trapper. It attaches to a broom handle or paint stick.Included1,...
    $ 14.95
  • Flat Stake Swivel

    The strongest, most trouble free, and freeze-proof rebar type swivel made. Will work on both 3/8" and 1/2" rebar stakes. Supplied with a Heavy Duty #6 gauge rivet (J-Hook). This...
    From $ 5.95
  • Blackdog Sturdy Hooks

    Ideal for the trapper and snareman. Use for attaching chain to super stake ends, anchoring or extending a snare. 100's of uses on the trapline. Tempered 3/16" steel with a...
    From $ 1.95
  • Shock Spring

    Stop Shock Springs will help cushion the impact of an animal pulling and jumping which will help to prevent the stake from being pumped.
    From $ 0.95
  • Heavy Duty J-Hook Tool

    This Heavy Duty J-Hook Tool is ideal for opening and closing J-Hooks.  This tool also works well on some styles and sizes of S-Hooks.
    $ 19.95
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