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  • Aluminum Sleeves

    Engineered to work on aircraft cable.  Use to make drowner cables, snare extensions, or cable stakes.
    From $ 5.50
  • Aluminum Stops

    Engineered to work on aircraft cable.  Use on ends of cable when making snares.
    From $ 5.50
  • Dakotaline Breakaway Devices

    The #285 breakaway comes in either a S or J-Hook Style. The #350 comes in either a S or J-Hook Style. The #525 is only available in an S-Hook style. Choose...
    From $ 3.00
  • Black Steel Stops

    Easy to pound on, fits 3/32 diameter and smaller cable. Has threads on the inside to grip the cable. No swager needed- just pound them on with a hammer!
    From $ 1.50
  • Poly Support Collar

    Use with 9 or 11 gauge wire.  Supports your snare.
    From $ 0.95
  • 9 Gauge Snare Swivels

    Our swivels are machine made. This means that we use a hard steel that equates into the toughest snare swivel on the market. You'll be able to use these over...
    From $ 2.50
  • Annealed Nuts

    Annealed nuts are great for cable ends on snares, cable stakes, or drowners.  Just pound on with a hammer. Sold per 100. #6-Fits 3/64" up to 3/32" cable #8-Fits 3/64"...
    From $ 3.95
  • Snare Washers per 100

    Attach between snare swivel and end stop, keeps swivel off the stop allowing a smooth swiveling action.
    $ 2.95
  • Dispatch Springs

    Choose between the 25lb or 50lb Compression Spring or the 20lb and the 40lb Mini-Torq Dispatch Spring.
    From $ 2.40
  • Dakotaline Lopro Deer Stops per 100

    Very easy to apply, a tiny aluminum stop.
    $ 4.95
  • Twist On Universal Support Collars

    Designed to be used with cable sizes from 1/16"-1/8"
    From $ 2.00
  • Barrel Swivels

    Use as inline snare swivels or can be used on traps as well. #6 Barrel Swivels Approx. 600 lb. test, 1 1/2” Long, Smaller & stronger than 3/16 or #6 J-Hooks or...
    From $ 6.00
  • Release Ferrules

    Release Ferrules Available sizes:7x7 1/16 - 350# BAW (ADC LOCK) 7x7 5/64 - 300# BAW (ADC LOCK) 7X7 3/32 -300# BAW (ADC LOCK) Available sizes: 1x19 1/16 - 350# BAW...
    From $ 2.25
  • Squeeze On Deer Stops

    Just crimp in place with a plier.
    From $ 0.57
  • EZ Set Support Wires

    Support wire and swivel in one piece for snare builders. The same set-up Dakotaline uses on our EZ set snares. Available in versatile size or mink.rabbit.
    From $ 8.00
  • Small Deer Stops

    #4 Annealed nut that fits up to 3/32" cable
    $ 4.95
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