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  • Alaskan Salmon Grease
    A byproduct of Alaskan Salmon Oil, Salmon "Grease" is great for slap sets and pipe sets.  Also works great on canines.
  • Alaskan Salmon Oil
    100% pure salmon oil. Salmon oil is excellent for use in trapping raccoons, and mink. Often times I will use it on canines too. Apply the oil around sets and near sets...
  • Almond oil
    Excellent on muskrat, coon and beaver
  • Amber oil
    A mint like fragrance allows it to be attractive to a wide range of species including muskrat, beaver, raccoon, canines, cats etc. Good for lure making or by itself as...
  • Amberette Musk
    Ambrette Musk has a smell much like that of spring muskrat glands. Ambrette musk is used in many lures. It produces a pronounced musky smell.
  • Ambergris oil
    Often used as a call lure for mink, coon and canines. It is very useful as a mix ingredient or carrier when mixing lures.
  • Animal Glands
    Choose from fox glands, coyote glands , bobcat glands, otter glands, muskrat glands and 1oz or 4oz.  We are currently out of Mink and Otter Glands.
  • Anise Oil
    Anise oil is a fantastic all around attractor. A fine reputation on muskrat, coon, beaver, bear just to name a few.
  • Apple oil
    A strong attractor for herbivores and omnivores.
  • Asafoetida Powder
    Direct from India pure and uncut. Potent enough to make your eyes water. A great lure or bait ingredient for canines or cats.
  • Asafoetida Ticture.
    Excellent for Canines and cats. All of our tinctures are done with pure grain alcohol.
  • Beaver Castor (Liquid)
    Our castor is aged to perfection.
  • Beaver Castor Ground
    Beaver castor is a universal attractor to just about any mammal. Our castor comes from northern beaver and are ground for easy use. Great for lure making or use alone...
  • Bergamot oil
    Bergamot is used in lure formulations and alone as a lure. Very effective on coon, beaver, muskrat etc.
  • Birch oil
    Birch oil is distilled from the bark of trees. It has a sweet pleasant odor attractive to beaver, coon and muskrats.
  • Carrot oil
    A valuable ingredient or lure for muskrats and rabbits.
  • Catnip oil Artificial
    Cats of any type are attracted to this powerful fragrance. Works on muskrats too.
  • Cheese Essence Oil
    An exceptional attractor to canines
  • Cherry oil
    A strong cherry odor that is very effective on muskrat and coon. Typically Cherry oil is used as a straight lure. Excellent in cage traps. Dip a twig and place...
  • Civet Musk oil Imitation
    A valuable predator call ingredient
  • Cold Creek XXX Fish Oil
    “Comes from one specie of fish from the Pacific ocean. This is not the standard fish oil found in the trapping industry., one whiff and you will understand the quality....
  • Fennel oil
    Derived from the fennel seed. Excellent on muskrat, beaver, and coon.
  • Glass Jars
    Great for storing lures or ingredients.
  • Glycerine
    Can be used as a tincturing agent or antifreeze.
  • Honey Essence oil
    An excellent attractor for coon and fox. Can be used alone or mixed in with ground meat
  • Logan Berry oil
    First rate on coon, fox, coyote and bear
  • Lovage oil Tincture
    A passion ingredient used in canine gland lures
  • Lure Thickener 4 oz.
    We are offering you the same lure thickener that we use in our lure making. There is only one product of this kind it it is used by some commercial...
  • Muscaro Musk
    A universal attractor. A musky smell.
  • Penny Royal Oil
    Good for Muskrat, Raccoon, and Beaver.
  • Peppermint Oil 1 oz.
    Muskrat and coon love this stuff.
  • Persimmon Oil
    One of the best attractors for fox, coyote and coon that money can buy. Draws deer as well.
  • Plastic Bottles
    Great for storing homemade baits and lures.
  • Plastic Jars
    Great for storing homemade baits and lures.
  • Poplar Bud oil
    A natural for beaver but good on coon and muskrat too.
  • Propylene Glycol
    Can be used as a tincturing agent or antifreeze.
  • Rhodium Oil
    Used primarily as a call for coon, beaver, and muskrat. Can be used as a fixative in other lures.
  • Sheep Wool
    An attractor by itself sheep wool makes a great lure holder. I use it in the DP traps with a dose of Coon Kicker. Mark Each bag is approx 1...
  • Shellfish Essence oil
    Shellfish essence has been on the market since the 1970's. It was brought to the market by a trapper and lure maker from PA. It is a huge attractant for...
  • Shrimp Essence oil
    Nothing cut here. 100% Pure Shrimp Essence Oil. Great for coon, mink, and otter.
  • Siberian Deer Musk Type II  1 oz.
    Sold Out
    Siberian Deer Musk Type II 1 oz.
    Siberian Deer Musk, for use in ingredient formulations and used successfully by a large number of lure & bait Manufacturers. A great and powerful attractor for canines. Siberian Deer Musk,...
    Sold Out
  • Smoke Oil
    A good additive to fish or meats. A very condensed product.
  • Sodium Benzoate
    Used as a preservative. Get your bait to the right taint then use this to stop the decomposition process.
  • Spearmint Oil
    A fine attractor of muskrat coon and beaver
  • Sun Rendered Shellfish Oil
    A great attractant for coon, mink, otter and more.
  • Sweet Corn Oil
    Coon love sweet corn. Ask any gardener or farmer. Other omnivores such as canines and deer are also attracted by this oil.
  • Tonquin Musk
    Tonquin musk is a synthetic musk that is a top attractant for all animals.
  • Valerian Extract
    Valerian Extract Oil is very effective for canines and cats. Used in many lures for many animals.
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