DVD-Steck-100,000 Miles of Coyote Snaring

In 1983 I moved to South Dakota because of high canine densities. I’ve never looked back. Since starting Dakotaline Snares I have worked with many people learning to snare coyotes. I understand the pitfalls and misconceptions that are out there.

I have worked on this video for 3 years. I wanted it done right. My desire is to set a standard for snaring coyotes and for you to be the best snareman you can be. Most of this video is filmed on a “working” snareline encompassing several hundred snares. I have trapped and snared coyotes for almost 40 years. I’ve eaten dirt, dust, and skunk essence. I’ve worn out tires, guns and trucks. I’ve been stuck in places I shouldn’t have been.  My passion and desire for trapping and snaring canines has never waned. I will chase them until my body says “no more”.


Key learning points in the video
• Coyote behavior
• Coyote travel ways
• Keying in on the best locations
• Coyote behavior when approaching snares
• Snaring on bare ground verse snow. The huge
• Pushing the envelope on exposed snares
• Snaring in farmland and rangeland
• Lethal sets
• Locks, cable and making them work to your
• Why you should lose some snaring myths right