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DakotaLine Snares 2016 Open House Agenda

Open House Schedule

9am-9:45am- Ed Schneider-Snaring Coyotes, Ed will also touch on his One Square Mile Principle

10am-10:45am-John Almquist-Mink Trapping

11pm-12pm-Badger Run

12:15pm-1:00pm-John Almquist-Coyote Trapping

1:15pm-2:00pm- Tyler-Raccoon/Muskrat

2:15pm-3:15pm-Lesel Reuwsaat-Predator Trapping

3:15pm-4:00pm- Tyler-Skunk Handling/Put Up

Everyone attending will receive a free 1oz Mark Steck Watchtower Lure! 

There will be drawings for giveaway items, trap specials, and closeout items as well!

 Drawing prizes in no particular order are:

Choice of Wiebe Fur Handling Product-Could be a scalpel knife like the Boss Dog or even a Wiebe Elite, you choose!

 Choice of any Mark Steck DVD.

DakotaLine Hooded Sweatshirt-Pink or Brown

Choice of either a Mark Steck 4oz lure or a Pint of Mark Steck bait.

Choice of a dozen snares.

One Tanned Raccoon Hide

Prizes for the Badger Run will be as follows:

1st Place-Adult Groups
6-#2 Duke Square Jaw

2nd Place
3-Duke #2 Square Jaw

3rd Place
1-Duke #2 Square Jaw

1st Place-Kids Group
6-FB1 DP & 8oz of either Hurricane or Laughing Lady

2nd Place
3-FB1 DP & 8oz of either Hurricane or Laughing Lady

3rd Place
1-FB1 DP & 8oz of either Hurricane or Laughing Lady

You will learn from some excellent trappers and are sure to have a good time!

 Andy Weiser's DVD-Western Coyote Trapping with Andy Weiser is now available!  Click here to get your copy today!


It's time for the annual Dakotaline Snares Big Raccoon and Big Beaver contests!  Just a reminder that the animal needs to be weighed at the shop on our scale.  Winner will receive a $50 gift certificate, 2nd place gets a $25 gift certificate, and 3rd place will get a $10 gift certificate.  No one has ever hit the 40lb raccoon mark, be the first!

Pocket gophers wanted!
I am looking for a few people from Iowa, Minnesota, or Eastern NE who will commit to selling Dakotaline some pocket gophers.
-You must commit to a quantity to sell us
-Gophers must be gutted and frozen in a relatively fresh stage
-Price is $1.00 per gopher
For more information call Mark at Dakotaline 605 744-0133


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